Warzone Overview

8d 08h 56m Play Time 543 Matches
Level 155 (Top 11%)
Level Progression: 70.0%

Battle Royale

8d 08h 31m Play Time 543 Matches


25m 16s Play Time 0 Matches
This player has played regular MW Multiplayer. Their weapon/killstreak stats are a combination of Warzone and MW Multiplayer data.

Top Weapon

Kills 35,543
KD Ratio 1.20
Deaths 29,701
Head Shots 5,686
Weapon KillsKD RatioDeathsHead Shots
Combat Knife 8,5760.2633,4620
R9-0 6,0023.701,620606
AK-47 5,3144.071,306521
Frag Grenade 1,6230.0000

Top Killstreaks

Personal Radar
Uses 2,620
Awarded 4,242
Extra Stat 1 0
Killstreaks UsesAwardedExtra Stat 1
UAV 2,2212,2356,786
Cluster Strike 4035
Precision Airstrike 3247
Advanced UAV 3029143
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