Warzone Overview

48D 19H 43M Play Time 5,051 Matches
Level 155 (Top 26%)
Level Progression: 70.0%

Battle Royale

1D 17H 07M Play Time 128 Matches


47D 02H 36M Play Time 4,923 Matches
Last 7 Days
This player has played regular MW Multiplayer. Their weapon/killstreak stats are a combination of Warzone and MW Multiplayer data.

Top Weapon

M4A1 Image M4A1
Kills 2,950
KD Ratio 1.48
Deaths 1,996
Head Shots 587
Weapon KillsKD RatioDeathsHead Shots
MP7 2,0056.62303439
Grau 5.56 96521.9344230
super_support_box 732732.0000
AS VAL 707707.000178
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