Warzone Overview

53D 14H 43M Play Time 3,902 Matches
Level 71
Prestige 8
Top 0.1%

Battle Royale

52D 23H 45M Play Time 3,840 Matches
Last 7 Days


14H 57M 22S Play Time 62 Matches
Weapon and Killstreak usage data is a combination between Warzone and Modern Warfare Multiplayer.

Top Weapon

M4A1 Image M4A1
Kills 1,888
KD Ratio 1.88
Deaths 1,002
Head Shots 332
Weapon KillsKD RatioDeathsHead Shots
MP5 1,5801.66953277
Grau 5.56 1,3001.44904235
RAM-7 1,1321.61702164
Dead Silence 1,0741,074.0000
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