Warzone Overview

12D 16H 31M Play Time 759 Matches
Level 55 (Bottom 5%)
Level Progression: 70.0%

Battle Royale

12D 09H 51M Play Time 731 Matches


6H 40M 01S Play Time 28 Matches
This player has played regular MW Multiplayer. Their weapon/killstreak stats are a combination of Warzone and MW Multiplayer data.

Top Weapon

M4A1 Image M4A1
Kills 32,961
KD Ratio 2.78
Deaths 11,868
Head Shots 4,402
Weapon KillsKD RatioDeathsHead Shots
PKM 24,6004.565,3943,988
Grau 5.56 22,0593.576,1863,436
MP7 5,6982.082,745766
MP5 5,4822.302,379667
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