Warzone Overview

38D 17H 14M Play Time 4,250 Matches
Level 155 (Top 26%)
Level Progression: 70.0%

Battle Royale

1D 11H 04M Play Time 110 Matches


37D 06H 10M Play Time 4,140 Matches
Last 7 Days
This player has played regular MW Multiplayer. Their weapon/killstreak stats are a combination of Warzone and MW Multiplayer data.

Top Weapon

M4A1 Image M4A1
Kills 2,465
KD Ratio 3.12
Deaths 790
Head Shots 456
Weapon KillsKD RatioDeathsHead Shots
RAM-7 1,301108.4212212
super_support_box 928928.0000
MP7 913228.254188
Grau 5.56 7429.2880136
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