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Image of Griggs
Coalition Demon Dogs
A Marine’s Marine who truly believes in the rule of law, few NCOs in the Corps are more beloved than Marcus Griggs. Fair, capable, and charismatic, Griggs can motivate and inspire troops in ways other officers only dream of.
Operator Dossier on the way, check back soon!


Better Man Won
Base Base type
"The better man won today."
Base Base type
"You're done."
Had That Coming
Base Base type
"You had that coming."
Hot Shit
Base Base type
"Thought you were hot shit, huh?"
How It's Done
Epic Epic type
"That's how it's done!"
How That Works
Base Base type
"Like how that shit works?"
Base Base type
"You're a mess."
Base Base type
"Fuckin' shitbrick."
Too Good
Base Base type
"I'm just too good."
What You Get
Base Base type
"That's what you get."