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Image of Nikolai
Allegiance Chimera
A Russian patriot whose love of country is only matched by his love of weaponry, Nikolai is a fixer who can acquire anything, anywhere. Despite his murky background, when it counts most, he’ll always choose right over wrong.
Operator Dossier on the way, check back soon!


Game Over
Rare Rare type
"Game over for you."
How Sad For You
Rare Rare type
"How sad for you."
Must've Hurt
Rare Rare type
"That must've hurt."
Not Your Day
Rare Rare type
"This is not your day."
Pitiful Sight
Epic Epic type
"Pitiful Sight"
Too Bad For You
Epic Epic type
"Too Bad For You"
Rare Rare type
Rare Rare type
You Are Weak
Rare Rare type
"You Are Weak"
You Deserved That
Rare Rare type
"You deserved that."