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Image of Farah
Allegiance Chimera
An exceptional soldier who has known a lifetime of war, Farah Ahmed Karim is the founder and commander of the Urzikstan Liberation Force. Her combat capabilities and fieldcraft have been further honed by Tier-1 level training with the SAS.
Operator Dossier on the way, check back soon!


Brought This On
Rare Rare type
"You brought this on yourself."
Curse Be Upon You
Rare Rare type
"Curse be upon you."
Fight is Over
Epic Epic type
"Your Fight is Over."
For Urzikstan
Epic Epic type
"For Urzikstan!"
Not Your Day
Rare Rare type
"It's not your day."
Shouldn't Have Come
Epic Epic type
"You shouldn't have come here."
This Is Your End
Rare Rare type
"This is your end."
Was For Urzikstan
Rare Rare type
"That was for Urzikstan."
You Lose
Rare Rare type
"You lose."
You're Finished
Rare Rare type
"You're finished."