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Image of Lerch
Allegiance Shadow Company
A cold-hearted operator who is a one-man force multiplier. Former MARSOC member who received a general discharge under honorable conditions. Barely. Thrives in the private sector where he operates under his own terms.
Operator Dossier on the way, check back soon!


Bet That Hurt
Rare Rare type
"Bet that hurt. Good."
Eat It
Rare Rare type
"Eat it."
How That Works
Rare Rare type
"Like how that shit works?"
I Know That Hurt
Rare Rare type
"I know that shit hurt!"
I Live For This
Rare Rare type
"I live for this shit!"
Epic Epic type
"Your ass got owned."
Rare Rare type
"Punk-ass bitch."
That Felt Good
Rare Rare type
"Damn, that felt good!"
Too Much Fun
Rare Rare type
"I'm having too much fun."