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Image of Roze
Allegiance Shadow Company
Hunter/tracker from the Colorado mountains. Ex-Ranger, proficient in small-unit tactics and close combat engagements. Joined Shadow Company after severing ties with U.S. Military.
Operator Dossier on the way, check back soon!


Almost Too Easy
Rare Rare type
"Almost too easy..."
Didn't See That
Rare Rare type
"Didn't see that comin', did ya?"
Dirt Nap
Epic Epic type
"Enjoy the dirt nap..."
Epic Epic type
"Hardly a challenge."
No Sweat
Epic Epic type
"No sweat."
Open Season
Epic Epic type
"It's open season on you fuckers."
Sit Down
Rare Rare type
"Sit down, bitch."
That One Smelled
Rare Rare type
"Whew... That one smelled like Greele..."
There's More
Rare Rare type
"There's more where that came from."
You're Done
Rare Rare type
"You're done."