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Image of Gaz
Coalition SAS
Sergeant in the SAS. Recruited by Captain Price to Task Force 141 after operations in Urzikstan and Borjomi. Expertise in prime target elimination, demolitions, weapons tactics, covert surveillance and VIP protection.
Operator Dossier on the way, check back soon!


Easy Peasy
Rare Rare type
"Easy Peasy."
Last Call
Rare Rare type
"Last Call for that one."
Off With Ya
Rare Rare type
"Off with ya."
On The House
Epic Epic type
"That one's on the house."
Second Thoughts
Rare Rare type
"No second thoughts."
Rare Rare type
"Sorted that fucker."
That's Enough
Epic Epic type
"That's enough out of you."
Rare Rare type
You're Done
Rare Rare type
"You're Done."
Your Mates
Rare Rare type
"Now for your mates."