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Image of Alex
Coalition Warcom
Former CIA SAD turned Warcom ground branch asset. Specialized training to infiltrate enemy lines and survive in inhospitable conditions. Charged with desertion after joining Farah to topple Barkov's regime in Urzikstan.
Operator Dossier on the way, check back soon!


All Or Nothing
Rare Rare type
"All or nothing."
In Hell
Rare Rare type
"See you in hell."
Rare Rare type
"Karma's a bitch."
Kiss My Ass
Rare Rare type
"Kiss my ass."
Like A Light
Epic Epic type
"Out like a light."
Meet Your Maker
Rare Rare type
"Meet your maker."
Rest In Piss
Rare Rare type
"Rest in piss."
Sleep Tight
Rare Rare type
"Sleep tight asshole."
Suck On That
Rare Rare type
"Suck on that."
What You Give
Rare Rare type
"Get what you give."