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Image of Raines
Coalition Demon Dogs
Chicago born and raised. Expelled from high school after defending another student. Self-taught student of history. Joined Marine Corps to qualify for GI Bill, went career instead. Served in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Marine Raider.
Operator Dossier on the way, check back soon!


Damn Shame
Epic Epic type
"Damn shame..."
Done With It
Common Common type
"Yup. Done with it..."
Hand to Hand
Common Common type
"Hand to hand, eye to eye..."
Hard Way
Epic Epic type
"Hard way to go..."
Not Good Enough
Epic Epic type
"Not bad, not good enough..."
Rare Rare type
Rest Easy Now
Epic Epic type
"You rest easy now..."
See You Again
Epic Epic type
"Maybe I'll see you again..."
So Long
Base Base type
"So long, soldier..."
Wasn't Your Day
Rare Rare type
"Just wasn't your day..."