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Image of Azur
Allegiance Jackals
Known arms-dealer. Deals with Al Qatala rivals discovered by “The Butcher.” Storehouses were raided. Family was killed. Used connections to expand North Africa network. Partnered with Jackals to destroy AQ and feed ambition.
Operator Dossier on the way, check back soon!


Azur Sends Love
Epic Epic type
"Azur sends his love."
Be More Careful
Common Common type
"You should be more careful."
Bloody Business
Epic Epic type
"Bloody business..."
Easily Distracted
Epic Epic type
"So easily distracted..."
No Room
Epic Epic type
"No room for fools."
One Step
Base Base type
"One step at a time..."
Out of the Way
Rare Rare type
"Out of the way, please."
Over Too Quick
Epic Epic type
"Over too quickly."
Piece Removed
Epic Epic type
"Another piece removed."
So Glad
Epic Epic type
"So glad you could join us."