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Image of Iskra
Allegiance Chimera
Born of an Urzikstani mother and Russian father during Barkov's occupation. Raised in Farah's Army as a Russian-fluent scout/saboteur. Cut-off outside Urzikstan after events at Tariq-Almawt. Joined Chimera to fight the new AQ.
Operator Dossier on the way, check back soon!


A Quick Death
Epic Epic type
"A quick death. Be thankful."
Easy Now
Epic Epic type
"Easy, shh. Easy now."
End To It
Common Common type
"Let that be an end to it."
It's Not Fair
Epic Epic type
"I know, it's not fair."
Let Go
Legendary Legendary type
"There now, you can let go."
More Or Less
Epic Epic type
"Died fighting, more or less."
No Shame
Rare Rare type
"No shame in this, I promise."
Common Common type
"Peace be with you."
Such A Pity
Epic Epic type
"Such a pity."
To The Light
Epic Epic type
"Go to the light."