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Image of Grinch
Allegiance Jackals
Origin unknown. Found by the Jackals, alone in an abandoned village in the Congo (DRC). Killed 3 Jackals before Zane made contact and brokered a deal: Services in exchange for wire transfer to anonymous off-shore account.
Operator Dossier on the way, check back soon!


Be at Peace
Base Base type
"Be at peace."
Can't Have You
Epic Epic type
"Can't have you running around..."
Forgive Me
Epic Epic type
"You must forgive me..."
I Release You
Epic Epic type
"I release you."
Join the Others
Epic Epic type
"Go join the others."
Not Fair
Epic Epic type
"Not fair, is it?"
Nothing Lasts
Common Common type
"Sorry, my friend. Nothing lasts."
Shh Don't Tell
Epic Epic type
"Shh! Don't tell anyone."
That is the End
Epic Epic type
"That is the end of you."
You Can Let Go
Rare Rare type
"There. You can let go."