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Image of Golem
Coalition Warcom
Joined KSK, following family tradition of elite soldiers. Master bow hunter and wilderness tracker. Hunts the enemies of the EU in the harshest conditions on Earth. Enjoys reputation as an excellent cook and storyteller.
Operator Dossier on the way, check back soon!


Rare Rare type
"Apologies, please."
Epic Epic type
"Classic maneuver."
Gave It Best
Epic Epic type
"You gave it your best."
Common Common type
"Auf wiedersehen."
Hardly Seems Fair
Epic Epic type
"Hardly seems fair."
Hush Now
Base Base type
"Hush now."
Oldest Trick
Epic Epic type
"Oldest trick in Deutschland."
Too Bad
Common Common type
"Yes. Too bad."
Weren't Made
Epic Epic type
"We weren't all made for this."
Works Every Time
Epic Epic type
"Works every time."