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Image of Mara
Coalition Warcom
Venezuelan national turned CIA asset at 15; provided intel for US to launch in-country covert ops against AQ sleeper cells. Volunteered for US SOF training. Conducted clandestine ops for CIA until invited to WARCOM in 2017.
Operator Dossier on the way, check back soon!


Epic Epic type
"They bleed easy..."
Easy Prey
Rare Rare type
"Easy prey."
Enough From You
Legendary Legendary type
"That's enough from you..."
Epic Epic type
"Now for their friends..."
Mi Amor
Epic Epic type
"With all my love."
Not Worth
Rare Rare type
"Not worth the bullet."
Rare Rare type
"Let them rot..."
Too Easy
Common Common type
"Too easy."
Rare Rare type
"Go fuck yourself."
Worm Food
Epic Epic type
"More food for the worms..."