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Image of Syd
Allegiance Chimera
Born in Washington DC to family of wealthy politicians. Joined US Army at 18. Family had her stationed in Bulgaria. Served full enlistment. Traveled 5 years off-grid, fighting in conflict zones from Eastern Europe to Africa.
Operator Dossier on the way, check back soon!


Don't Get Up
Common Common type
"Alright... Don't get up."
Enough of That
Epic Epic type
"Enough of that shit..."
Gotta Check
Epic Epic type
"Gotta check your six..."
Mm Hm that's it
Epic Epic type
"Mm hm, that's it."
Base Base type
Nothing to It
Rare Rare type
"Nothin' to it..."
Think of That
Epic Epic type
"Yeah... you think on that."
What I Thought
Epic Epic type
"That's what I thought."
Whoo Damn
Epic Epic type
"Hoo! Damn!"
You're Done
Epic Epic type
"You done? You're done."