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Image of Charly
Coalition SAS
Raised on trips to Africa with her father, hunting poachers in Kenya and Tanzania. Expert tracker. Joined British Army, passed selection for the SRR. Helped liberate a besieged CIA safehouse, earning a friend in Kate Laswell.
Operator Dossier on the way, check back soon!


Calm as You Like
Epic Epic type
"See? Calm as you like."
No Gettin' Up
Epic Epic type
"No gettin' up from that."
Okay Then
Rare Rare type
"Aagh! Okay then."
Right, Enough
Rare Rare type
"Right. Enough of them."
Take a Seat
Common Common type
"Take a seat."
That's Better
Base Base type
"That's better."
That's Done It
Rare Rare type
"There, that's done it."
That's It for You
Epic Epic type
"That's it for you."
Work to Do
Epic Epic type
"Alright! Work to do."
You Stay There
Legendary Legendary type
"You, stay there."