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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone — Store Database

Check back regulary! New Bundles, Operators, Weapons, and cosmetic Items are updated as they are made available in the in-game Store.


Get the exhaustive list of Items that you can collect in the game. You will know each Item category, appearance, how to unlock & equip, and more.


Learn about the Operators, as well as how they can be customized with Finishing Moves and Quips.

Battle Passes

Find out what season-exclusive rewards each Battle Pass features.


Become a master of the Call of Duty weapons arsenal and choose the best weapon by comparing weapon stats, attachments and blueprints.

Modern Warfare and Warzone Store Database

The in-game store is available to all players. You can view Modern Warfare and Warzone bundles, Battle Passes, many sets of cosmetic items (calling cards, gun camos, charms, emblems, finishing moves, gestures, operator skins and quips, spays, stickers, vehicle skins and horns, watches, weapons and their attachments and blueprints). All the items are available in the current Modern Warfare and Warzone shop.


Be aware of all available cosmetic items and customization options. Search for Base, Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary items. Find similar items or share desired items with your friends.


Find the best bundles even before they are available in your in-game store! Bundles are your main way of getting multiple cosmetic items in one streamlined package. Bundles are usually packaged with a certain theme, and you can preview each item of the bundle individually before you buy it. Find similar bundles or share desired bundles with your friends.


Learn all the customization options for your favorite operators. Skins, Finishing Moves and Quips are included.

Weapon Stats

Choose a weapon to see all its special Modern Warfare and Warzone blueprint variants, with stats and available attachments to recreate the weapon in your game.

Battle Passes

The Battle Pass allows you to progress through tiers and earn certain unlockables such as gun camos, outfits, and COD Points.