20 Top 5

Get 20 Top 5 placements in the Battle Royale mode of Warzone! Then go on to top our leaderboards to see who can get the most Top 5s in a week.

Challenge ended 1 week ago
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Top 5s 42
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Top 5s 23
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Top 5s 20
Xaosit#2824's Avatar
Completed in 13h 51m 03s


  • How are the winners selected?

    The top 3 players on each Challenge will receive profile bling for winning the challenge.

    When a lottery prize is available, 1 random player whom has completed the challenge will be chosen to receive it.

    When a grand prize is available, the highest performing player (as shown on the leaderboard) will be awarded the prize.

  • How do I accept my prize?

    Did you win something? Congrats! As soon as the challenge ends we send the winner(s) an email which contains the instructions for how the prize can be claimed.

    We send all prize claim instructions from [email protected] Do not follow instructions from any other email. We will never ask for the password to any of your accounts. Instructions vary based on what the challenge was and what the prize is, so be sure to always read the instructions we send.

  • Stats Discrepancies and Inaccuracies

    We rely on data being accurate, we are not responsible if it's not. We cannot alter your stats even with evidence. If you can provide evidence of a major problem with a challenge, please contact us and we'll determine the best course of action.

    We will try to keep players stats current but it is the responsibility of the player to keep their stats up to date for the challenges.