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Tracker Network Changelog January 2024

Everything the TRN team was working on during January 2024.

Welcome to the very first changelog of all Tracker Network products! This will be a monthly entry, and we'll gather our team's work into one tidy changelog.


Adding the XP and Streaks features to our Mobile app

Our team continues to improve the TRN mobile app, this month with the release of the XP system.

Play a match or more a day, check-in the app after your session to complete your streak, and earn XP. You gain leaderboard points and level up the divisions, and in the near future, you will be able to participate in challenges while playing and gain rewards.

We are just getting started, and you should expect more updates coming to the XP features and more this year. You can get more information about our mobile app here.

Valorant Tracker Recap for Episode 7

We launched our recap for Season 6, so this is the time to get yours for Episode 7!

Getting your stats and TRN Score data for the entire episode has never been easier, and it's also so beautiful. Look at our designers pulling up his skills like that!

Scan the QR code or view yours here:

Career Stats added to our CS2 Tracker Desktop App

This month, we introduced Career stats to the roster of the live match.

It will show during the live match, and that includes their FACEIT ranks, Current Map rank, Peak rank for all maps, and other career stats.

You will see it alongside the live scoreboard feature that you can also view live during the match on your second monitor if you have one.

Get more with our CS2 Tracker app on PC, right here.

Everything Else Across Tracker Network:


  • [General] Updated settings user navigation to Premium users.
  • [General] Fixed broken header in the developers site.
  • [General] Fixed an issue causing the Platform selector not switching results in the player search.
  • [General] Various improvements to our code platform-wide.
  • [Streaming Overlays] Fixed an issue causing the color pallet to close after releasing your mouse.
  • [Streaming Overlays] Fixed an issue causing the The TFT's Traits overlay to not respond.
  • [Streaming Overlays] Fixed an issue causing the The TFT's Traits overlay to not respond.
  • [Valorant] Launched Episode 7 Recap.
  • [Valorant] Updated leaderboards to support Episode 8, Act 1.
  • [Valorant] Fixed an issue causing some players to miss their Current/Peak Rank Component.
  • [Valorant] Updated 2D map images in Lineups, maps stats, and database.
  • [Valorant] Fixed an issue causing Agent icons on insights page to exceed the frame.
  • [Valorant] Fixed an issue causing likes for lineups to not work properly.
  • [Valorant] Fixed an issue causing column alignment in Escalation match reports to break.
  • [CS2] Updated the Desktop App landing page.
  • [CS2] Added Rating Progression Graph support to Competitive & Wingman modes.
  • [CS2] Fixed an issue causing the crosshair placement to be hidden in videos due to big play button in mobile view.
  • [League of Legends] Updated the Desktop App landing page.
  • [League of Legends] Added a yellow highlight to the player in view in detailed match reports
  • [League of Legends] Fixed an issue with the cropping of the banner image in profiles.
  • [League of Legends] Fixed an issue that caused some profiles to appear as Private/Not Found.
  • [League of Legends] Fixed and issue that was showing wrong playlist filter after navigating to a different page and back.
  • [TFT] Added Trait Play Rates to Stream overlay.
  • [TFT] Added Emerald rank that was missing.
  • [Fortnite] Added the TRN Score to match history.
  • [Fortnite] Added Ranked Stream overlay.
  • [Fortnite] Cleaned up and updated the match history.
  • [BF2042] Fixed an issue that caused Level to be broken in Overview.
  • [Destiny 2] split PVP and PVE into two separate leaderboards.
  • [Destiny 2] Hide map descriptions on Mobile view.
  • [Rocket League] Re-organized the Playlist order in profiles.
  • [Rocket League] Updated the Desktop App landing page.
  • [PUBG] Fixed an issue that caused a huge TRN logo to blink on screen when viewing a match report.
  • [Splitgate] Fixed an issue in Profiles that caused the playlists to be big and out of the table frame.

Mobile App:

  • [General] Added Streaks and XP features.
  • [General] Added Callouts to new features.
  • [General] Added Awards.
  • [General] Added Referral Tracking page.
  • [General] Update iOS home widgets to use new background.
  • [General] Improved some dormant user notifications.
  • [General] Improved franchise title selector.
  • [General] Fixed a bug that caused the iOS widget to crash.
  • [General] Fixed an issue that caused the blurred background in the filter popup to disappear.
  • [General] Fixed an issue that caused 1,000 TRS cut off on match reports.
  • [General] Fixed a Linked profile menu bug.
  • [General] Fixed a bug that caused linked profiles to not auto refresh when switching TRN accounts.
  • [General] Fixed an issue causing the "Premium Hero" avatar frame image to be distorted when editing the profile.
  • [XP] Added XP Boost, Streak Shield and Credits.
  • [R6] Fixed inconsistencies between auto-refreshes.
  • [Fortnite] Show rank in match rows.
  • [Fortnite] Added a note in the leaderboards of Upcoming Events when showing empty.
  • [Fortnite] Fixed incorrect match and win counters in match history.
  • [Valorant] Fixed a small typo that was showing "2th" Place instead of "2nd" Place.
  • [Valorant Premier] Added Overall and Attack/Defense stat box.
  • [Valorant Premier] Added Season Win showcase box.
  • [CS2] Added redirect to Profile after providing auth codes.
  • [Apex] Added missing TRN ranks/percentiles on Legend pages.
  • [Apex] Fixed an issue causing the RP progression graph to show incorrect data.
  • [TFT] Fixed an issue causing the average placement components the highlight averages wrong.
  • [TFT] Fixed mapping of tier styles displayed wrong.
  • [TFT] Fixed number of units displayed wrong.
  • [League of Legends] Fixed an issue causing the LP graph to show wrong data.
  • [League of Legends] Fixed an issue causing missing matchup data in "Mastery" view.

Desktop Apps:

  • [Valorant] The new weapon Outlaw is fully supported now.
  • [Fortnite] Improved Overwolf browser experience.
  • [R6 Siege] Improved Overwolf browser experience.
  • [CS2] NEW: Live Match Career Stats: See career stats on players in your current match. The stats you see are from matches we've analyzed.
  • [CS2] NEW: Added FACEIT ranks to live match pages.
  • [CS2] Fixed: In some cases Highlights were not saving correctly.
  • [CS2] Fixed: In some cases, the app would not auto launch upon match start.
  • [CS2] Fixed: Your Wingman teammate would appear in the Live Rivals section after switching sides.
  • [CS2] Fixed: Players with a hashtag(#) in their username could not link their account to the app manually.
  • [League of Legends] Fixed an issue that could break the brand new spells timer feature.
  • [League of Legends] Added a new option to turn off the spell timer in the app's settings.
  • [League of Legends] Added match summary notification to 2v2 Arena mode.
  • [League of Legends] Fixed broken Champions tab.
  • [League of Legends] Improved LCU API fallback when Live match API isn't available.
  • [League of Legends] Other small fixes.

⚡ Learn more about our Mobile and Desktop apps here.


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