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How to Complete Cartel No More DMZ Mission

Complete this difficult mission.

DMZ Warzone 2 has many new missions emerging and some of them are challenging. The Cartel No More DMZ mission is one such quest in the game. It is a Tier 5 Shadow Company Story Mission. To complete the mission, you must clear the Vondel cruise terminal, open three safes inside, and destroy two supply crates outside all at once.

The entire mission is tough to complete if you are solo. However, we will guide you with simple instructions to help you complete the DMZ mission.

How to Complete Cartel No More DMZ Mission

Image via Activision/JudgeTwoFive YouTube Channel

Before starting the mission, make sure you have the required equipment and loadout. Consider using weapons with good recoil control for close to medium-range combat.

Destroy the Crates

At the beginning of the mission, move quickly to one of the supply crates located outside the terminal. Place explosives on one of the supply crates. If you’re having trouble in fighting AI reinforcements from diffusing the explosives, focus on one crate at a time. Also, try to defend the bomb by positioning yourself near it and eliminate AI inside the building.

Keep an eye on the timer as it's always ticking. After destroying the first supply crate, proceed to the next one and repeat the process.

Clear the Terminal

You need to clear the cruise terminal after destroying the supply crates. You don’t worry about clearing the terminal separately; it will happen naturally as you patrol through all three safes.

Start drilling a nearby safe that is near the terminal’s entrance. Check for any enemies incoming and eliminate AI inside the terminal as quickly as possible, focusing on those near the safe. If an AI stops the drill, restart it without losing progress.

Dealing with Time

As you progress in the mission and reach the last parts, you will notice the radiation is spreading. At this point, don’t panic and continue working through the safes, ensuring they are still drilling. You don’t need to stay near a safe while it’s drilling; start the drill and move on to the next.

If you think radiation is too risky or time is limited, you can either finish the timer and open the safes or reset progress in the next deployment.

If you follow the above steps, you will have a minute or a little more left after opening the three safes. Use this time to make your way to the extraction point and successfully complete the mission.

Upon completing the mission, you will receive the C74u blueprint called “Rule Breaker.”

That concludes our guide to complete Cartel No More mission in DMZ.

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