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What's Inside of the Secret Bunkers in Call of Duty: Warzone?

Are the Warzone Bunkers filled with loot beyond our wildest dreams?

Call of Duty: Warzone released free-to-play on all platforms on March 10th, 2020 - just over a week ago, at the time of writing. Since then, Activision's standalone Battle Royale title has amassed over fifteen million players and continues to be well-received within the gaming community.

Immediately after its release, however, players began to spot small details in the map which seem to point to a larger secret that has yet to be uncovered. Within Warzone's massive map are multiple Phones, Computers, and Bunkers which can all be interacted with by the player. The problem is that, even a week after the game's release, nobody has been able to progress in this supposed quest. When interacting with any of these devices, a negative tone will play indicating that the interaction was denied, and there are seemingly no effects.

All Phone, Bunker, and Computer locations


There are 12 Bunkers hidden throughout the map, each of which is stamped with numbers 00-11. At every Bunker, a keypad can be found which prompts the user to Enter Code when looked at; As of now, it is not known what the code is.

All of these Bunkers are relatively the same, aside from their positions on the map. The official Tac Map: Atlas states that these locations are CLASSIFIED, with their descriptions redacted. It should be noted that Bunker 11's keypad does not function at this time. This may be a bug, or it's an intentional hint by Infinity Ward or Raven.

Directly East of Bunker 09, a hatch can be found which has the following description in the Tac Map Atlas.

Φ/Λ: I/8 (North). In the shadow of a tree, among some rocky ground and pasture is a small set of stone foundation blocks, a small generator, and a locked trapdoor. The hatch leads to [REDACTED].
Keypad at Bunker 10


A total of 28 interactable Phones can be found throughout the map. The models for the Phones vary from modern conference phones, to older corded phones. A few of which are located in the same building as another, hence less than 28 Phone markers being placed on the map above.

Upon looking near a Phone, it will prompt the player to Use Phone. However, there is no audio ques of any sort when this is done.

Phone in the cubicle of a Downtown building


Found around the map, there are 16 Computers which can be interacted with. The model used for the Computers very, depending on the environment it is placed in; While some are keyboards of desktop computers, others are laptops. As is the case with the Phones, multiple Computers can be found in a single area, meaning there are less than 16 Computer markers on the map above.

Upon looking near a Computer, it will prompt the player to Enter Password. As you've come to expect, no password is known at this time.

Computer in the Vacant portion of Port

It's entirely possible that this quest is unobtainable at the moment. Perhaps what's currently in the game is just a teaser of sorts, set in place by developers Infinity Ward and Raven, to draw the attention of players - but its rewards aren't yet there. This idea is further proven to be the case as players have successfully breached into the Bunkers used the Recon Drone, which reveals that there is seemingly nothing behind the locked doors at this time.

What are your predictions for the Warzone Bunkers? Many players suspect that only a singular, randomly chosen Bunker will be available each match - and the player that's able to unlock it will be rewarded with unimaginable loot. Stay tuned to @CODTracker on Twitter for full Call of Duty coverage!


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