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The Warzone Tracker Overwolf App Returns

We're back! Overwolf has resolved the platform issues with Activision and the Warzone Tracker app is available now.

In April, Call of Duty: Warzone players who utilized the Overwolf in-game app platform were interrupted by a prompt which stated that the application was in violation of the terms and services; as a result, players were unable to use the Warzone Tracker app. Overwolf immediately sprung to action to communicate with Activision and resolve the issue.

Today, we're pleased to announce, thanks to the efforts of the teams at Overwolf, Activision, and Raven Software - we're back!

The services which Overwolf provides are now approved by Activision. This means that the Warzone Tracker app is 100% safe to use, with no risk to your account whatsoever. Drop in and resume tracking your stats with peace of mind.

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The Warzone Tracker app is available, free of charge, for PC players via the Overwolf platform. Click HERE to download it.


Live Match Analysis

See how your squad stacks up against the competition in real-time with Live Match analysis and the Roster overlay. Compare your stats against the rest of the players in the lobby and use statistics to determine your biggest threats while you play.

Live Match view (left) and Roster overlay (right) in the Warzone Tracker app

In-Game Overlay

Never miss a moment with the Warzone Tracker overlay. Using a simple keybind, you can toggle the app while in-game, allowing you to check the stats of your friends and enemies at any time without leaving the game window.

Profile view in the Warzone Tracker app

If these features interest you, you can download the Warzone Tracker app HERE. Be sure to share any feedback you may have with us on Twitter, we're constantly making improvements to all of our services and would love to hear what you think.


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