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All 65 New Cosmetic Bundles in Season Two of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

Samantha Maxis, Tracer Pack NecroKing Mastercraft, and more. Here is every new Bundle in Season Two!

Season Two of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is here! This Season introduces several new cosmetics, including all-new reactive Blueprints, Operators, and more. In this article you will find 65 Bundles which you can expect to become available for purchase via the in-game Store of both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

As soon as the Activision services support the new, unified Store, you can expect our Store page to show you the full catalog each Bundle that is available for purchase at any given time. Stay tuned to our Twitter (@CODTracker) for updates.


Alpine Crossing
Resilient. Resourceful. Ruthless. Russian. Bear any winter with the Alpine Crossing Bundle.
Anime Pilot
Fight at the speed of sound with the Anime Pilot Bundle.
Archaic Range
Introducing the first legendary blueprint for the Cold War Crossbow. Pull some strings with the Archaic Range Bundle.
Blacksmith Battery II
Forge your own destiny with the Blacksmith Battery II Bundle.
Burger Town Special
Everyday is a cheat day with the Burger Town Special Bundle.
Carnival Captain
Be the life of the party and leader of the procession with the Carnival Captain Bundle.
Cavalry’s Finest
Mount up and ride off into the sunset with the Cavalry’s Finest Bundle.
Cold Fusion
Be the catalyst for a chemical reaction with the Cold Fusion Bundle.
Counter Attack
Be equipped to handle any response with the Counter Attack Bundle.
Dead Ops Arcade Reactive Bundle
Insert a coin and progress through the stages with the Dead Ops Arcade Reactive Bundle. Note: this bundle includes a blueprint which evolves as you get kills.
Delicate & Deadly
Break out the good stuff with the Delicate & Deadly Bundle.
Dye Cast
Peace! Spread the message and the colors with the Dye Cast Bundle.
Elite Forces
Drop in from above with the Elite Forces Bundle. Note: this wrist accessory is a Functional Rank Tracker.
Take on all that nature throws at you with the Entrenched Bundle.
Always land where you’re supposed to with the Expeditionary Bundle. Note: this bundle features a Functional Mini-Map Wrist Accessory.
Field General
Plant your flag with the Field General Bundle.
Fighting Chance
You’re in for a battle, prepare now if you want a Fighting Chance Bundle.
Fine Exports
The shipment arrives next week, until then you have the Fine Exports Bundle.
Full Moon Assault
Own the night with the Full Moon Assault Bundle.
Gilded Age II
Reign supreme with the Gilded Age II Bundle.
Havana Bound
Declare your independence with the Havana Bound Bundle.
Heat Stroke
Stay hydrated, you never know how thirsty you can get from the Heat Stroke Bundle.
Hot Gothic
Keep a close eye on your heartstrings with the Hot Gothic Bundle. Note: the watch included is a Functional Heart Rate Tracker.
Island Fire
Torch your enemies with the Island Fire Bundle.
King’s Court II
By proclamation of the Royal family, kneel before the King’s Court II Bundle.
Montezuma’s Curse Mastercraft Bundle
Call on the Gods of old with the Montezuma’s Curse Mastercraft Bundle. Note: This bundle includes a Functional Kill Tracker Watch.
Platoon Sergeant
Make them all fall in line with the Platoon Sergeant Bundle.
Power Tool
Build your loadout from scratch with the Power Tool Bundle.
Proper Bully
Run the mean streets with the Proper Bully Bundle.
Quickscope Sniper
Acquire a target and don’t move an inch with the Quickscope Sniper Bundle.
Rescue Mission
Muster the fortitude for a pyrrhic victory with the Rescue Mission Bundle.
River Slasher
Introducing the first legendary blueprint for the Machete Melee Weapon. Blast your way through the backwater with the River Slasher Bundle. Note: this bundle includes a Functional K/D tracker watch.
Rookie Mistake
Show your range with the Rookie Mistake Bundle.
Ruby Red
Have a bloody good time with the Ruby Red Bundle.
Samantha Maxis Reactive Bundle
Beat back the hordes with the Samantha Maxis Reactive Bundle. Note: this bundle includes a blueprint which evolves as you get kills.
Scrap Mettle
Kick some behinds with the Scrap Mettle Bundle.
Navigate responsibly with the Shamrocked Bundle.
Side Swipe
Show them your stripes with the Side Swipe Bundle.
Silent Approach
Black out all the noise with the Silent Approach Bundle.
Sleek & Stylish
Be the best dressed one with the Sleek & Stylish Bundle.
Soul Reaper
Hunt them all down with the Soul Reaper Bundle.
Sticky Situation
Catch the target in a stampede with the Sticky Situation Bundle.
Super Charged Reactive Bundle
Kick it into high gear with the Super Charged Reactive Bundle. Note: this bundle includes a blueprint which evolves as you get kills.
The Hollow
The Hollow Bundle will surely leave them feeling empty.
Tight Grouping
Make every shot count with Tight Grouping Bundle.
Tool of War
Introducing the first legendary blueprint for the E-Tool Melee Weapon. Dig in with the Tool of War Bundle.
Toxic Touch
Pack a punch strong enough to take out multiple enemies with the Toxic Touch Bundle.
Tracer Pack: Lucky
The hunt for Gold starts here, are you feeling Tracer Pack: Lucky? Note: The included weapons have Green & Orange Tracer fire and Gold Dismemberment Effect.
Tracer Pack: NecroKing Mastercraft Bundle
Send a chill down their spine, or shatter it with the Tracer Pack: NecroKing Mastercraft Bundle. Note: The weapons included have the Cryo Dismemberment Tracers.
Tracer Pack: Rosé Reactive Bundle
Break some hearts with the Tracer Pack: Rosé Reactive Bundle. Note: one blueprint evolves as you get kills, and both weapons included have Pink Tracer Fire.
Unyielding Force
Keep the resistance running with the Unyielding Force Bundle.
Vehicle Pack: Animal Attack
Summon the power of the entire kingdom with the Vehicle Pack: Animal Attack.

Free Bundles

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War - Free Access Week
Play Zombies and Multiplayer for free, live from February 25th to March 4th.
Free Bundle
Have one on the house!
Free Bundle
Have one on the house!
Free Bundle
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Free Bundle
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Free Bundle
Have one on the house!
Free Bundle
Have one on the house!
Free Bundle
Have one on the house!
Free Bundle
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Free Bundle
Have one on the house!
Free Bundle
Have one on the house!
Outbreak Free Bundle
Prepare accordingly, the hordes are incoming!

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