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Activision-Blizzard ushers in a new logo and color scheme to the platform in its latest update.

In January of 2021, Blizzard launched the Desktop App redesign to players across the globe. With a focus on modernization and improving the overall user experience, the redesign fully refactored the frontend experience for the two decade-old launcher, bringing an all-new design to millions of users.

In the announcement of the redesign's release, which you can read in the following article, Blizzard noted that the January UI overhaul was only the beginning of many changes coming to the experience. Fast forward three months to April of 2021 and we're now seeing a continuation of the redesign efforts.

Activision-Blizzard Overhauls the Experience
The biggest front-end upgrade to in years is here. Here’s what to expect and what has changed.
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April Rebrand

In a move that surprisingly isn't an April Fools prank, Blizzard has began to push a rebrand to both its website and the Desktop App. Included in this brand update are all-new colors for the UI as well as modernized logos. The motivation behind these changes has not been detailed, however, it's likely due to the efforts to fully integrate Activision and its titles into the platform.


Proudly displayed throughout the Blizzard platform's website and Desktop App is a modified variant of the previous logo which is internally referred to as Nexus. The Nexus logo doesn't deviate far from its predecessor, although a significant change can be found in the icon that Windows users will use to launch the Desktop App. April 2021 Rebrand Icon

Colors (UI)

Throughout the entirety of the website and Desktop App is an all-new, darker color pallet which subtly opens the platform to titles outside of the Blizzard realm. April 2021 Rebrand UI

At the time of writing, the rebrand is currently only available on the beta branch of the Desktop App. There is no timeline as to when, or if, it will become available to all users. Stay tuned.

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1 week ago

Awesome... Activision can spend their resources in creating a new logo, but can't seem to fix the constant crashes and cheaters. Nice to see where your priorities lie Activision!