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The database is no longer maintained. Loot, bundles, operators, and weapons are not available for Vanguard seasons or newer.

Loot - Charm

Found 865 items
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Name Bundle
3D Glasses 3D Glasses
Rare Charm
Rubber Duck
5 by 5 5 by 5
Rare Charm
50 Cal 50 Cal
Common Charm
8 Miles Up 8 Miles Up
Epic Charm
80s Cell 80s Cell
Common Charm
9 Lives 9 Lives
Rare Charm
The Cleaner
Abominable Abominable
Epic Charm
Acid Bath Acid Bath
Legendary Charm
Roze: Behind The Mask
Afropick Afropick
Rare Charm
Young & Gifted
Air Power Air Power
Rare Charm
Air Superiority Air Superiority
Rare Charm
Advanced Maneuvers
Airborne Soldier Airborne Soldier
Legendary Charm
Elite Forces
All Ears All Ears
Legendary Charm
All Seeing Eye All Seeing Eye
Legendary Charm
All That Glitters All That Glitters
Legendary Charm
Gilded Age
Alley Cat Alley Cat
Rare Charm
Allhallowtide Allhallowtide
Epic Charm
The Professional
Amethyst Amethyst
Epic Charm
Amethyst Assassin
Amulet Amulet
Epic Charm
Rambo II Operator Bundle
An Odd Name An Odd Name
Rare Charm

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Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, and Modern Warfare Loot Items

Search through thousands of cosmetic items to find the best loadout customization options for your weapons and Operators.

Item rarities include Base, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Ultra. Item types include Calling Cards, Operator Skins, Emblems, and more.