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This Week in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone: Hardhat, Armor Box, and More

This week in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone: New maps, new items, new bundles, and more!

A new game update is on its way to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. Expected to release on all platforms at 11PM PT on Monday, May 18th, this mid-season update brings all-new content to both Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes! Play a new Multiplayer map Hardhat, experience a new Gunfight battleground Aisle 9, collect the Cash as Blood Money Quads returns to Warzone, pick up a new classic look for Ghost in Store, and more.


Hardhat, a Multiplayer map at the scene of construction site, will be available in its own 24/7 playlist.

This map, first seen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, is a haven for close quarters, fast-paced, and frenetic combat, but also features some longer sightlines, so a variety of loadout types can find success. Re-experience Hardhat or jump in for the first time to learn the ins and outs of the map, and hopefully achieve victory in your next match.

Aisle 9

Aisle 9, the latest Gunfight map, is available in its own unique playlist – ‘Clean Up on Aisle 9’.

The 3v3 playlist will host TDM, Kill Confirmed, Grind, and Domination, so players can discover multiple ways to fight on this small map. Aisle 9 will also be playable in the Gunfight map rotation, so stock up for a fight.

Gulag Weapons Refresh

Players will now find SMGs and assault rifles in the Gulag.

While you can still receive a shotgun or pistol, be aware that different weapon classes are now being handed out in this fight for your life. The new weapon choices include the AK-47, M13, Kilo 141, Ram-7, Striker 45, and more. SMGs and assault rifle both expand the range of engagements in the Gulag, so be careful if you decide to rush your opponent.

Armor Box

The Armor Box is a new item available in all modes in Warzone.

Similar to a Munitions Box, this item can be used by the entire team to replenish their armor before or after an engagement. Find the Armor Box in ground loot, Supply Boxes, or purchase it at a Buy Station to make sure you’re protected before you get into a battle.

Ghost Pack: Contingency

They've got no Plan B when you've got the Contingency Collection.

The ‘Ghost Pack Contingency’ bundle arrives to the store this week featuring two weapon blueprints including a Legendary assault rifle and a new skin that gives a Ghost a look that veterans will remember. The bundle includes 10 ghostly items, so you can customize your identity from your Operator to your emblem.

Find the ‘Ghost Pack Contingency’ bundle in Store and take this look into the battlefield of Modern Warfare including Warzone.

Ghost Pack: Contingency
They’ve got no Plan B when you’ve got the Contingency Collection.
Ghost Pack: Contingency - Price and All Included Items

Classic Battle Royale

Brush up on the fundamentals in a new limited-time mode – Classic Battle Royale.

This mode strips down Battle Royale and features no Buy Stations, no Contracts, and no Gulag. If you’re out, you’re out. Survive the enemies and the ever-collapsing circle to be the last team standing.

Blood Money Quads

Blood Money Quads drops back into Verdansk, so players can expand their trio.

Find your fourth and get to collecting Cash, completing Contracts, and of course eliminating opponents to end up on top in Blood Money.

Stay tuned to @CODTracker on Twitter for full Call of Duty coverage, including the latest Modern Warfare and Warzone news! We've got some very insightful content planned for the upcoming update.


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