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All 16 Trick or Treat Locations and Rewards in Warzone

The Haunting of Verdansk has arrived in Call of Duty: Warzone! Here are the rewards for each Trick or Treat location.

The Haunting of Verdansk has arrived in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone! With it, all-new challenges and loot are available to be unlocked and purchased. The Trick or Treat loot stream can be found under the Halloween Event tab in the Multiplayer and Warzone menu, here you can track your progress toward the next reward.

Below you can find the designated loot reward for each of the Trick or Treat locations, as well as a loot at the Bonus Reward which is earned at the end of the challenge.

How Does It Work?

Search Crates

Find crates throughout Verdansk that you can open.

Find a Treat

There's a chance you will find Calling Cards, Charms, Emblems, and more treats within the crates.

Bonus Reward

Find all of the event loot to earn an Exclusive Halloween Blueprint!

Trick or Treat

Storage Town

Trick or Treat in Storage Town to unlock the Spooky Scene Epic Calling Card.


Trick or Treat in Boneyard to unlock the Jack-O'-Lantern Epic Charm.


Trick or Treat in Superstore to unlock the Corpse Epic Spray.


Trick or Treat in Dam to unlock the Time of the Season Legendary Watch.


Trick or Treat in Hills to unlock the Lil' Demon Epic Charm.


Trick or Treat in Airport to unlock The Joker Epic Sticker.

Train (Location Varies)

Trick or Treat at the Train (location varies) to unlock The Woodsman Epic Spray.

Military Base

Trick or Treat in Military Base to unlock the Return To Dust Epic Blueprint.


Trick or Treat in Hospital to unlock the Pumpkin Peril Epic Calling Card.

TV Station

Trick or Treat in TV Station to unlock the Oak Epic Spray.


Trick or Treat in Downtown to unlock the Chainsaw Fiend Epic Spray.


Trick or Treat in Quarry to unlock the Flashy Fate Epic Sticker.


Trick or Treat in Stadium to unlock the Killing Moon Epic Emblem.


Trick or Treat in Port to unlock the Ghoulish Gift Epic Emblem.


Trick or Treat in Lumberyard to unlock the Scary Patch Epic Emblem.


Trick or Treat in Gulag to unlock The Cleaver Legendary Blueprint.

Bonus Reward

Find all 16 rewards around Verdansk to unlock the Pumpkin Punisher Legendary Blueprint.

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