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All Preseason Zombies Intel for Omega in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Here is every Intel for the Omega faction in the Zombies Preseason of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War!

Throughout the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies experience, players are tasked with collecting Intel to give insight into the world of the Dark Aether storyline. Each Season, including the post-launch Preseason, various forms of Intel can be discovered for each of the four primary Zombies factions.

This article will serve as a complete collection of Intel for the Omega faction from the Black Ops Cold War Preseason. If you are looking for Intel from the three other factions, check out the following article which serves as a hub for our coverage of the Die Maschine Zombies experience. As the Seasons progress, you can expect to find the latest Zombies Intel on our website, we'll also Tweet when it goes live!

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KGB-Spetsnaz Omega Group seeks to harness the energies and resources of the Dark Aether to give the USSR a strategic advantage over their Cold War foes – the Americans and NATO.

Audio Logs

8th Guard's First Contact

  • Map: Die Maschine
The Russian 8th Guards Army arrives at the Projekt Endstation facility, one week after it was abandoned. Privates Alexei Dmitriyev and Vadim Kalashnik record their unit’s exploration of the facility.
Dmitriyev: What in Hell is this place?

Kalashnik: Okay, I am rolling...

Dmitriyev: Looks abandoned...

Dmitriyev: "Enemy horde"...?

Kalashnik: They mean us, Dmitriyev.

Kalashnik: Whatever is down here, Geiger counter does not approve.

Dmitriyev: Kalashnik. Have you ever seen such machinery?

Kalashnik: Only in nightmares, Dmitriyev...

Dmitriyev: You there! By big machine! Surrender! I said surrender!

Dmitriyev: Vadim, get this on camera...

The Volunteer

  • Map: Die Maschine
Kazimir Zykov, a mechanic from the 1st Guards Tank Army, is volunteered by Colonel Pavel Lazarev to deactivate the Cyclotron.
Lazarev: Zdravstvuyte. My name is Pavel Lazarev. I was sent to contain this mess, and you are going to help me. Comrade, state your name...

Zykov: Kazimir Zykov. Starshina. 1st Guards Tank Army. I, ah...I am mechanic.

Lazarev: I was told, despite your limited education, you understand German equipment.

Zykov: Well, I...scavenge parts from Panzer tanks to keep our T-34s running. How can I be of service, comrade Lazarev?

Lazarev: There is a machine I need you to deactivate. It is called a "cyclotron." It leaks...strange radiation. You have seen what it does to men.

Zykov: Da, Colonel. What if same thing happens to me?

Lazarev: You will not fail, Zykov. You may not survive, but you will not fail. Understood?

Zykov: Da.

Lazarev: Congratulations, tovarisch. You are going to be a Hero of the Soviet Union.

For Mother Russia

  • Map: Die Maschine
Sealed inside the Projekt Endstation Facility, Zykov records a final message for his family.
Zykov: My dearest Raisa. It is me -- your Kazimir. I am sorry to break my promise, but I will not be coming home to you.

Zykov: I have orders to turn off a German machine. Diesel engines I understand. Radios I can fix. But this...?

Zykov: The things down here tried to kill me. Perhaps they already have. But not before I finish my mission. I cut all power, but still the machine runs. And I swear...sometimes...I hear it call my name...

Zykov: I am going to try one more thing...if the dead will let me. I have tools, but not many bullets...

Zykov: That svoloch Colonel who ordered me down here...I do not do this for him. I do this for the world. For Mother Russia. I do this for you, Raisa.

Zykov: My love for you will never die.


An Explanation

  • Map: Die Maschine
A letter from Zykov, written to his wife as he attempts to deactivate the cyclotron. He explains that his sacrifice is not in vain, and it will help shape the world for the better.
From Sgt. Kazimir Zykov, 1st Guards Tank Army
To Mrs Raisa Zykova - Baruta Township, Pskov Oblast

Raisa, I do not know if this letter will ever find you, but you deserve an explanation. I want you to know that I did not abandon you and little Anya to fend for yourselves. I was ordered to do something impossible, and like so many before me, I answered the call of Mother Russia. The details are not important. You would not believe me, anyway. But if my death can prevent many others, maybe even yours and Anya’s, how could I refuse? Some things are worth dying for.

Do you remember growing up in our little village? Do you remember the famine of '22? Children like walking skeletons? Rumors of cannibalism? Then came the plague in '29. I remember being chased by packs of starving dogs roaming our streets. But no matter how bad things got, what pulled us through as a people was our endless capacity to endure hardship. This is what sets us above other nations. This is what will sustain me in this final mission. And sustain you and Anya in the years ahead to carry on without me.

Not even Stalin's purges shook our belief in the Soviet Union. Revolution is seldom clean or peaceful, but the workers of the world will unite. The day will come when all men and women are equals and each has their share of the wealth. Surely, we could not suffer so much for nothing. The world will change for the better. Our people will see to it. Knowing Anya will grow up in that bright future is worth any price.

An Explanation - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Before the Devil Arrives

  • Map: Die Maschine
A second letter from Zykov, written to his wife. He fears his sanity is slowly slipping.
From Sgt. Kazimir Zykov, 1st Guards Tank Army
To Mrs Raisa Zykova - Baruta Township, Pskov Oblast

How long have I been down here? One day? Two? It has not been easy, my love. When I wrote that first letter to you, I had no idea how hard this would be. All I have is a tool kit, a gas mask, a flashlight, and too few bullets.

Here is the situation: German scientists built a machine here. I have no idea why, or how it works, but I think it opened a door to Hell. Yes, Raisa. Hell. I know we were taught religion is the "opiate of the masses," but I have spent the last few hours fighting demons and dead men. So, apologies to comrade Marx, but Hell is real and it is my job to slam the door shut before the Devil arrives.

I cut every cable I could find, but the machine seems to have some internal power source. Or perhaps it is powered from the "other side." I tried corrupting its fuel, like pouring sugar in a gas tank. I tried grounding and short-circuiting the machine. And still it functions. The whole time, I am attacked and hunted by walking nightmares. And when I hide to bind my wounds, I swear I can hear the darkness calling.

Am I losing my mind? It is a good question. Better question: what if I fail? I fear this evil will spread and one day be upon your doorstep. This I cannot allow. My final idea to close the Hellgate will most certainly kill me. At this point, I think I will welcome it.

Before the Devil Arrives - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

K Cipher

  • Map: Die Maschine
Recovered Omega Group Cipher. Decryption is required.
K Cipher - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

G Cipher

  • Map: Die Maschine
Recovered Omega Group Cipher. Decryption is required.
G Cipher - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War


Orlov Family Photo

  • Map: Die Maschine
A photograph of Omega Group Lieutenant Orlov's family.
Orlov Family Photo - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

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