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All Preseason Zombies Intel for Requiem on Die Maschine in Black Ops Cold War

Here is every Intel for the Requiem faction in the Zombies Preseason of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War!

Throughout the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies experience, players are tasked with collecting Intel to give insight into the world of the Dark Aether storyline. Each Season, including the post-launch Preseason, various forms of Intel can be discovered for each of the four primary Zombies factions.

This article will serve as a complete collection of Intel for the Requiem faction from the Black Ops Cold War Preseason. If you are looking for Intel from the three other factions, check out the following article which serves as a hub for our coverage of the Die Maschine Zombies experience. As the Seasons progress, you can expect to find the latest Zombies Intel on our website, we'll also Tweet when it goes live!

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The CIA’s most secretive department pits an international team of covert operatives against a new Cold War adversary, and an otherworldly danger. Their mission: contain the threat, both from Omega and the beyond.

Audio Logs

The Incident

  • Map: Die Maschine
Projekt Endstation Scientists Doctor Vogel and Doctor Kurtz initiate Cyclotron Test Run Number 12.
Kurtz: I have completed my adjustments, Dr. Vogel. You may begin recording.

Vogel: Thank you, I already have. This is Ulrich Vogel, director of Projekt Endstation. 7th of March, 1944. 10:03 p.m. Commencing cyclotron test run number twelve. Dr. Kurtz, please proceed.

Kurtz: All readings are within acceptable parameters. Looks like we are getting the collisions we expected interesting patterns are starting to--

Vogel: What was that?

Kurtz: I do not know. Gauges are red-lining. We have to shut down!

Vogel: Mein Gott! What is happening to the air around the collider?!

Kurtz: You men! Back away from that--

Vogel: Kurtz! Cut the power!

Kurtz: I'm trying! Controls are not responding!

Vogel: Guards! Retreat! Seal those things in the chamber!

Parallel World

  • Map: Die Maschine
Doctor Vogel records a report on the Incident. He suspects the Cyclotron has opened a rift across spacetime. He notes that radiation of some sort is spilling through from the other side, as many of his men have been infected by an unexplainable sudden illness. Doctor Vogel describes it as "living death."
Vogel: Ulrich Vogel, director of Projekt Endstation. 12th of March, 1944. Five days have passed since the accident, and I am starting to see it not as a setback, but a breakthrough. Literally.

Vogel: The cyclotron continues to operate, apparently without an external power source. We cannot deactivate it, and it is still manifesting the strange phenomenon I call a "rift" and Kurtz calls a "wormhole."

Vogel: We attached instruments to the end of a long metal pole and passed it through the rift. The readings confirm that somehow the cyclotron ripped through the fabric of spacetime.

Vogel: Something lies on the other side. A parallel world or perhaps a whole universe. But we dare not approach too closely, lest we suffer the same fate as the men currently held in our medical clinic.

Vogel: Those men remain in a state best described as "living death." Kurtz thinks they caught a high dose of some exotic radiation from the other side of the rift. We are checking their blood and tissue samples for traces of rare elements or otherworldly pathogens.

Vogel: I pray, whatever it is, it is not contagious.


Endstation Approval Letter

  • Map: Die Maschine
A letter from Uranverein Director Doctor Kurt Diebner, announcing that Projekt Endstation has been approved for funding as part of the Reich Atomic Program. Construction is to begin immediately.
Dear Dr. Vogel,

It is my great pleasure to inform you that after a thorough review by our resident experts, we have decided to proceed with the cyclotron proposal submitted by yourself and Dr. Kurtz. Projekt Endstation is officially funded.

A site has been chosen in Reich District Danzig West Prussia for construction and operation of the particle accelerator. However, this is all contingent upon a commitment from yourself and Dr. Kurtz to personally oversee daily operations at Endstation. This will mean taking a leave of absence from the University, but I believe this endeavor should provide a bit more excitement than the halls of academia.

Remember, the Reich will expect dramatic advances in uranium enrichment from you. I know you long to make some contribution to the study of quantum physics, but the atomic weapons program comes first.

The Reich District Danzig West Prussia site is in a wooded area called Morasko. Labor for construction will be provided by nearby internment camps.

As with all Uranverein programs, Projekt Endstation will be kept a state secret. Do not speak of this to any colleagues, other than Kurtz. Both of you must report here at the Institute no later than Monday morning. I will arrange for transport to the Morasko site so you can oversee construction of the cyclotron.

For the Fatherland,
Kurt Diebner, Ph.D.
Director, Uranverein
Endstation Approval Letter - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Spacetime Breach Sketch

  • Map: Die Maschine
A hurried sketch of Projekt Endstation's dimensional breach, drawn by a research assistant.
Excerpt from "Spacetime Breach Sketch":

For Reich High Command Only!
Sketch of possible spacetime breach
Endstation cyclotron
7. March 1944
NOTE: Breach is persistent but unstable. Will send through instrument probe ASAP. Results forthcoming.
Spacetime Breach Sketch - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

D.I.E. Blueprint

The blueprint of the Decompressive Isotopic Estrangement device. The device collects hazardous materials, including Exo-Element 1, and, when at capacity, releases a devastating concussive blast.
Excerpt from "D.I.E. Blueprint":

Weaponized Exo-Element 1 collector.
Device ingests a range of hazardous materials.
Collected energy stored in capacitor/battery.
Charged D.I.E. released energy as destructive blast.
Weapon output manifests as cold, electricity, gas, plasma, or concussive force.
D.I.E. Blueprint - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Der Wechsler Blueprint

  • Map: Die Maschine
The blueprint of Der Wechsler. One of Doctor Vogel's pet projects, Der Wechsler was a decontamination chamber designed to restore the brain functionality of those infected by Exo-Element 1.
Excerpt from "Der Wechsler Blueprint":

Isotopic impellers extract radiant contaminants from subject's brain.
Initial results: partial success. Further trials needed.
Subject 1. Remembered own name. Called all others "schnitzel."
Subject 2. Returned to guard post. Used it as latrine.
Subject 3. Correctly unloaded handgun. Then ate the bullets.
Der Wechsler Blueprint - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

V Cipher #1

  • Map: Die Maschine
Recovered Projekt Endstation Cipher. Decryption is required.
V Cipher #1 - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

V Cipher #2

  • Map: Die Maschine
Recovered Projekt Endstation Cipher. Decryption is required.
V Cipher #2 - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Radio Transmissions

Officer Weaver

  • Map: Die Maschine
Officer Weaver, the head of Requiem's Field Operations Division, briefs his strike team about the state of the world, and their role in the CIA's newest department.
Weaver: Strike team. Weaver here. I understand this has been a lot to take in. Interdimensional breaches all over the world, an infection transforming people into the undead, not exactly a great two weeks for any of us.

Weaver: Requiem had to react quickly. The same day I was personally requested to run Field Ops, I was ordered to assemble a short-list of operatives. That's you guys.

Weaver: Here's what we know. Two weeks ago, a KGB-Spetsnaz unit known as Omega Group came here and reactivated its particle accelerator. Their actions caused the Outbreak Zones we're now seeing around the world. This place is ground zero.

Weaver: Why they did it and to what end --that's what we're going to figure out.

Weaver: We lost two teams before learning about this site. Make their sacrifices count. Let's get some answers.

Weaver: Oh, one more thing. Don't be surprised if the other Division Leads contact you, introduce themselves. They're experts in their field, so show some respect and play nice.

Doctor Grey

  • Map: Die Maschine
Doctor Elizabeth Grey, the head of Requiem's Unnatural Sciences Division, introduces herself to the strike team.
Grey: Strike team? You there? 'Course you are. Sorry, I'm a bit new to all this. Hopefully you don't mind the less-than-formal approach.

Grey: Should probably introduce myself. My name is Doctor Elizabeth Grey, head of Unnatural Sciences, and this is about as unnatural a Sunday as I can remember.

Grey: Normally about now I'd be sitting in my lab in Bristol, having a good natter with Pip and Sam, two macaques I work with, over a nice cup of tea. Then, just BAM -- this whole thing happens.

Grey: Next thing I know, I'm drafted by the bloody government to be their representative in this new organization, Requiem. I mean, how could I pass that up?

Grey: Sure, the name sounds a bit ominous, but think of the opportunity, the potential discoveries that await us in this new reality -- there's a chance I could end up changing the world.

Dimension of Death

  • Map: Die Maschine
Doctor Grey discusses the Dark Aether and what it may offer humanity.
Grey: Yes, I know it seems like the proverbial "Dimension of Death" has opened right in our back garden, but there's real life to it -- and that's including the infected undead.

Grey: The untapped potential of this discovery, this could provide us with the tools to grow, evolve even, as a people and a society.

Grey: Imagine that: no more war. Or at the very least less war. Put you out of a job though, wouldn't it? No offense, of course.

Doctor Strauss

  • Map: Die Maschine
Doctor Oskar Strauss, the head of Requiem's Energy Research Division, introduces himself to the strike team.
Strauss: "There are precious few things in the world more valuable than knowledge -- and one of those is the ability to know how and when to utilize said knowledge." Do you know who said that?

Strauss: I did not think so. Dr. Vogel, the scientist in charge of Projekt Endstation, said it to me some forty years ago when I was employed at this very facility.

Strauss: I know you have your suspicions about me. I hear what your type says about me in the halls. "Mein Gott. Is that Doctor Oskar Strauss, former Nazi scientist? They put him in charge of Energy Research? It is so horrible."

Strauss: To this I have two things to say. One: I was never a fucking Nazi. I am, and always have been, a man of science trying to survive in a nasty, despicable world. Two: I do not care if you have your suspicions. All I care is if you are able to follow your orders.


  • Map: Die Maschine
Doctor Strauss muses on the scientific potential of the newly discovered element.
Strauss: This energy source. The Germans called it "exo-element one." I call it by its proper name...Aetherium. It has the potential to revolutionize the world in ways we cannot possibly comprehend.

Strauss: I will understand these crystals. And I will learn the how and when to utilize it. I hope, if nothing else, you can appreciate that.

Strauss: All I ask is that if you let me do my job, I will let you do yours.

Strauss: There is no need to be enemies. In fact, one day I hope we can work together, side by side. Perhaps we will even consider each other comrades.

Strauss: Just do not expect a warm hug when you return from your missions.

Major Carver

  • Map: Die Maschine
Major Mackenzie Carver, the head of Requiem's Containment and Security Division, introduces himself to the strike team.
Carver: Strike team, do you read me? Finally, a strong signal. I know the circumstances are less than ideal, but allow me to formally introduce myself. I am Major Mackenzie Carver. My friends call me Mac. You will not.

Carver: And yes, I am that Major Carver. Most likely, all the stories you've heard are true. But that is in the past. I'm a firm believer in living in the now and preparing for the future.

Carver: As you may well know, I head up Requiem's Containment and Security Division. It's a post I personally requested.

Carver: Make no mistake -- we are at war. This is chess. And the Soviets' Omega Group? They just moved their queen into position.

Carver: They're the ones who opened these portals, and you bet your ass it's to get some sort of tactical advantage over us.

New Arms Race

  • Map: Die Maschine
Major Carver considers the possibility of weaponizing the Dark Aether's technologies.
Carver: This is an entirely new dimension we're dealing with. The technology it could potentially offer is unfathomable.

Carver: We may have nukes, but what if your enemy uses an interdimensional weapon -- something we can't anticipate and counter? This is the new Arms Race and we've already fallen behind.

Carver: Now look, I got nothing against these eggheads and their...scientific pursuits.

Carver: I'm just here to make sure DOD gets what's rightfully theirs. That includes Strauss and his Aetherium crystals. If we're to regain the advantage over our enemy, we need to act fast, and make sure these science-types don't keep anything from us. Don't let me down.


D.I.E. Remote Control

  • Map: Die Maschine
The D.I.E. Remote can locate and remotely activate the D.I.E. device. Be advised: do not activate with the D.I.E. device aimed in your direction.
D.I.E. Remote Control - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

D.I.E. Machine

  • Map: Die Maschine
The Decompressive Isotopic Estrangement Machine was initially designed to be an Exo-Element 1 collector, but an incident led to a design change. During an outdoor test, an assistant accidentally ejected a full capacitor all at once, triggering a shockwave blast that destroyed a military transport and Doctor Vogel's personal automobile. Projekt Endstation saw the device's full potential as a wonder weapon – and the assistant saw the full potential of a firing squad.
D.I.E. Machine - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War


  • Map: Die Maschine
The Aetherscope is a portable scanner designed for studying the Dark Aether. The device is capable of uncovering strange phenomena, including Spectral Reflections of past events reoccurring outside spacetime parameters.
Aetherscope - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Doctor Vogel's Diary

  • Map: Die Maschine
Doctor Vogel's Diary, containing many untold secrets of Projekt Endstation -- including the password to the Der Wechsler Command Console.
Doctor Vogel's Diary - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Decontamination Agent

  • Map: Die Maschine
The Decontamination Agent, a component for Der Wechsler made of gold, was thought to have been lost when it was stolen in 1945. However, it was recovered nearly forty years later when it was found in a tree near the facility – apparently, the thieves forgot where they'd hidden it.
Decontamination Agent - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

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