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Free RAI K-84 Guide for Firebase Z in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Here's how to obtain a free RAI K-84 in Firebase Z in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies!

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies casts players into Firebase Z, Omega's Vietnam base, with the ever-growing threat of an undead horde. To aid players in their survival, the RAI K-84 can be obtained through a multitude of options. Although the only guaranteed method to obtaining the RAI K-84 is via the following quest, players can also utilize the Mystery Box and Trial rewards for a chance to obtain the Wonder Weapon.

The Reactorniy Avtomat-Izluchatel Kuhlklay-84 (RAI K-84) was developed by Dr. Dimitri Kuhlklay and first manufactured in 1984. The experimental prototype fires fully automatic energy-bolts, but also comes equipped with a ballistic Vortex grenade launcher. When detonated, the grenade creates a temporal distortion field, slowing time for anyone caught inside. Acquired by Requiem agents for analysis.

Its design was partially inspired by recovered schematics for the Generator Khaosa Zavoyski-45, a proposed weapon from WWII that never made it beyond concept. It is unclear why Peck was so uninterested in Kuhlklay's prototype, but it will be invaluable to Requiem's weapons research.

Free RAI K-84


Obtain the RAI K-84 Blueprint

Navigate to the Weapon Lab, locate and interact with the Blueprint found on the wall above the Workbench to collect it.

Obtain the Locker Key

Once the RAI K-84 Blueprint has been collected, navigate to the Scorched Defense and locate the dead body positioned against a tank. Interact with the body to begin a short sequence and retrieve the eye of Dimitri Kuhlklay.

With Dimitri's eye collected, return to the Weapon Lab and interact with the Retina Scanner to scan the eyeball and reveal unlock the draw. A Locker Key can be collected from within the drawer.

Obtain the Barrel Assembly

A total of nine Lockers can be found throughout Barracks 1 and 2. Interact with each of these Lockers until a Mimic spawns, then kill the it. Multiple Mimics may spawn from the Lockers, however, only one will drop the Barrel Assembly which can be collected upon death.

Obtain the Charged Power Cell

Progress through the Rounds until a Mangler spawns. Upon death, each Mangler has a chance to drop the Uncharged Power Cell. Continue to kill Manglers until you can collect this item.

Then, return to Weapon Lab and interact with the Computer to charge the Power Cell. Complete a full Round, then return to this location and collect the Charged Power Cell.

Obtain the Aetherium Converter

Locate the Computer in the Weapon Lab nearest to the original location of the RAI K-84 Blueprint. Interact with the Computer to display a graphic which is divided into several triangles, this represents a dart board. Upon using the Computer, this graphic will begin an animation sequence which displays three positions on the dart board which need to be memorized.

Then, return to the Village and locate the dart board on the wall in the Village Mess Hall. Using your Weapon, shoot the three numbers on the dart board which correspond to the positions previously displayed on the Computer.

Lastly, shoot the bullseye (center) of the dart board to confirm your input. If done correctly, the dart board will reveal the Aetherium Converter which can now be collected from the floor.

Assemble Weapon

One last time, return to the Weapon Lab and interact with the Workbench to assemble the RAI K-84!

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