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All 54 New Cosmetic Bundles in Season Three of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

Anime Pop Stars, Alien Infestation Mastercraft Bundle, and more. Here is every new Bundle in Season Three!

Season Three of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is here! This update introduces several new cosmetics, including all-new Mastercraft Blueprints, Operators, and more. In this article you will find 54 Bundles which you can expect to become available for purchase via the in-game Store of both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

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Alloy Storm
Forged from metal found deep in a forgotten desert, unleash the Alloy Storm Bundle.
Angels & Demons Anime Reactive
Good versus Evil - which side will you listen to? Smite your enemies with the Angels & Demons Anime Reactive Bundle. Note: this bundle includes a Blueprint which evolves as you get kills.
Anime Pop Stars
Anime Fan Club gather round and get in line! Meet the Anime Pop Stars Bundle Today!
Ashes to Ashes
It was supposed to be a “simple job” - but things took a turn for the worst. Ashes to Ashes, dust and bust the dead with this Bundle.
Battle Pass
The Battle Pass has 100 Tiers of exciting new content!
Blacksmith’s Battery III
Manipulate and mold material at any distance with the Blacksmith’s Battery III.
Explosives expert and nefarious operative, plant and scram with the Bricktop Bundle.
When the wolves are at the door, it’s good to have a sheepdog close by - track and kill with the Bruiser Bundle.
Cell Division Reactive
Split some cells and separate some heads with the Cell Division Reactive Bundle. Note: this bundle includes a Blueprint which evolves as you get kills.
Deadly Hunter
Strike first. Strike from anywhere with the Deadly Hunter Bundle.
Derby Destroyer
No obstacle or opponent can block your path to victory, skate to the finish line with the Derby Destroyer Bundle.
Dockside Killer
Cast your enemies overboard with the Dockside Killer Bundle.
Drill Sergeant
Dry Lake
The testing area is restricted to authorized personnel only. Please avoid contact with the wildlife, they have shown increased aggression. Welcome to the Dry Lake Bundle.
Frog Outta Water
Leap into battle with the Frog Outta Water Bundle.
Full Stop
Slow and steady wins the race, get gassed up with the Full Stop Bundle.
Gilded Age IV
Strike a deal with destiny and reap the rewards with the Gilded Age IV Bundle.
Hardwood Hero
Hit the step back three with the Hardwood Hero Bundle.
HEX Rapid Projectile Destroyer - Eye protection recommended - Ear protection optional- Suppressed for multipurpose destruction. Crack some plates with the Jackhammer Bundle.
Jetfighter Reactive
The air raid has begun! Get those wheels off the ground and zoom into battle with the Jetfighter Reactive Bundle. Note: this Bundle includes a Blueprint which evolves as you get kills.
King’s Court III
Passed down through three generations, a new dynasty begins with the crown jewels in the King’s Court III Bundle.
Kraken Slayer
You will know when it’s time, for just a moment the wind slows down and the sea calms. There’s only one Harpoon shot and an old oar with the Kraken Slayer Bundle.
Marked For Death
When you’re the only diamond in the rough it’s hard to keep clean. Fight to survive because you’ve been Marked for Death.
Medical Grade
Apply immediate self-aid in a prone position to minimize target profile and allow healing to occur. Initiate the Medical Grade Bundle.
Mortal Wounds
The scars you can’t see hurt more than the ones you can, thrash and bash with the Mortal Wounds Bundle.
Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle
Rock the battlefield with the Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle. Note: this bundle includes a Functional Compass Watch.
Naval Aviator
For all those fly boys out there, the Naval Aviator Bundle.
Infiltrate and obliterate with the Nightshade Bundle.
Overkill Ordnance
Time to get explosive with the Overkill Ordnance Bundle.
Plastik Prototype
Introducing the first Legendary Blueprint for the CARV.2 Tactical Rifle. The new Plastik Porotype Bundle has loads of hi-tek fun to experience first hand!
Point & Shoot
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, snap a couple of quick shots for the Kill Cam- just Point & Shoot!
Power Play
The battles you choose not to fight are just as important as the ones you do. Take the high road with the Power Play Bundle Note: the included Watch is a Functional Step Tracker.
Power Surge Reactive
Energize your loadout with the Power Surge Reactive Bundle. Note: this bundle includes a Blueprint which evolves as you get kills.
Rubber Duck
Something about this simulation feels awfully strange, train up using the Rubber Duck Bundle.
SHRP: Special Hazard Response Protocol
Originally developed as a response to any unknown biological threat, the SHRP weapons are now readily available for unilateral usage. Execute the Special Hazard Response Protocol.
Scrap Monger
No stranger to a junkyard or wasteland. Find the parts you need, or “borrow” them with the Scrap Monger Bundle. Note: This Bundle includes a Functional Kill Tracker Watch.
Serpent Striker
Spit more than venom with the Serpent Striker Bundle.
Test Dummy
Factory work was never your fancy, crash head first with the Test Dummy Bundle.
The Drifter
Hide in plain sight where nobody knows your name or has seen your face, hit the trail with The Drifter Bundle.
Thermal Tracker
Heat signatures make the easiest targets in large spaces, aim for center mass with the Thermal Tracker Bundle.
Tracer Pack: Alien Infestation Mastercraft Bundle
Embark on a forever voyage with the Tracer Pack: Alien Infestation Mastercraft Bundle. Note: the Blueprints feature Yellow Tracers, Acidic Dismemberment, and comes with Toxic Elemental damage in Zombies Modes. Note: this Bundle includes a Functional Heart Rate Tracker.
Tracer Pack: Antonov Operator Bundle
Enter the hazard zone ready for battle with the Tracer Pack: Antonov Operator Bundle. Note: the Blueprints included feature Nuclear Green-Yellow Tracers and Dismemberment Effect.
Tracer Pack: Big Joke II
If you didn’t think the first joke was funny, then you’re gonna love Tracer Pack: Big Joke II. Note: this bundle includes Blueprints that feature ^)Funny Blue-Purple Tracers, and a Functional Mini-Map Watch.
Tracer Pack: Runic Demise
The magic of the old world hasn’t been lost... just hidden along the path less traveled. Unlock and unload Tracer Pack: Runic Demise. Note: the Blueprints included have Energy Tracers and the Runic Demise Dismemberment Effect.
Tracer Pack: Tropical
It’s time for a vacation and a drink with a pineapple in it! Grab a bottle and take a trip with the Tracer Pack: Tropical Bundle. Note the Blueprints feature Tropical Gold-Purple Tracers.
Zirkus Leader
Gather and grimace all around, the freak show is in town with the Zirkus Leader Bundle.

Free Bundles

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Free Bundle
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Free Bundle
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Free Bundle
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Free Bundle
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Free Bundle
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