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How to Publicize Your Call of Duty Stats

To find your Call of Duty stats on COD Tracker, you need to set your profile to public.

With the launch of COD Tracker 2.0, some players have reported issues finding their Call of Duty stats. This is typically caused by your profile being set to private, but thankfully, it's an easy fix! Just follow the instructions below step by step.

COD Tracker 2.0 is now available!
This is for Soap.

Set your profile to public

To set your Call of Duty profile to public, you will need to login to the Call of Duty website, find the account preferences page, and click on the Account Linking tab. Here you will find the PlayStation, Xbox,, and Steam accounts that you've connected.

To find your Call of Duty stats on COD Tracker, you need to set Searchable and Data Visible to All. If either of these options are set to None or Friends, for any platform, we will not be able to find your stats.

Preferences -> Account Linking -> Gaming Networks
Preferences -> Account Linking -> Gaming Networks

Once you have changed these options, you may need to wait up to an hour for the changes to take effect. Once you've given it some time, try searching yourself again! If you're still experiencing issues with your Call of Duty stats on COD Tracker, please Tweet at us with your platform and username; We'd be glad to help!


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1 week ago

This Site is absolute Garbage... absolutely zero walk through and the little they do is done with such an absurd level of pomposity for what is failing advice.

3 weeks ago

my PSN preference says friends, all, all like its supposed to but it still says private? for modern wafaer please help

1 month ago

It was excellent if you could make teams on the tracker something like a clan tracker.