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Original Apothicon Servant Upgrade Quest Discovered in Pre-Release Build of Black Ops 3 Zombies

Here is a first-look at a piece of cut content from Shadows of Evil in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies.

On Friday, November 6th, 2015, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 released worldwide across all major platforms. In this release, Zombies fans took to the streets of Morg City to combat the undead and embrace the curse to uncover its mysteries. Along their quest to avert the apocalypse, players are introduced to the Apothicon Servant, a weaponized interdimensional creature with devastating effectiveness.

The Apothicon Servant can be upgraded by utilizing the Pack-a-Punch mechanic which is obtained at the end of the Apocalypse Ascendent quest. However, avid fans of the series should be well-aware of the rumored upgrade quest for the tentacle-ridden weapon... Today, we're excited to put an end to the mystery.

Upgrade Quest

COD Tracker has obtained a work-in-progress build of Black Ops 3 from Monday, April 13th, 2015; 207 days before the title's release. Thanks to these efforts, we're able to provide an exclusive first-look at the original Apothicon Servant upgrade quest!

It should be noted that this upgrade quest differs considerably from the one previously revealed by JariK.

Obtain the Apothicon Servant

The process of obtaining the Apothicon Servant functions exactly as players have come to expect from the final product.

First, collect the Margwa Tentacle, Xenomatter, and Margwa Heart. Next, the Apothicon Servant can be crafted and equipped at any craft bench in the map. Once complete, it is also added to the pool of weapons available in the Mystery Box.

Each character in Shadows of Evil pertains to a uniquely-named Apothicon Servant:

  • Floyd Campbell (Boxer): Lor-Zarozzor (Arbgwaoth)
  • Jack Vincent (Detective): Mar-Astagua (Arbgwaoth)
  • Jessica Rose (Femme Fatale): Kor-Maroth (Arbgwaoth)
  • Nero Blackstone (Magician): Nar-Ullaqua (Arbgwaoth)

Kill Requirement

To begin the upgrade quest, the player must kill 40 Zombies using the Apothicon Servant. For quality-of-life and balance purposes, kill progress continues to increment regardless of whether or not the player loses or swaps the Apothicon Servant.

Upon reaching 30 kills, an audio cue will play to indicate that the kill requirement is nearing completion.

Hang a Cocoon

Once the kill requirement is met, the Apothicon Servant will act as a proximity sensor which rumbles the controller (if applicable) and shakes the screen of the player. As the player gets closer to any two of fifteen randomized locations, the rate at which the proximity sensor pulses is increased.

At a distance of approximately 25 meters from a valid location, pulses are sent at the minimum rate of once per second; at approximately 1.75 meters, pulses are sent at the maximum rate of four times per second. According to the code comments found throughout this function, the Developers described this process as "metal-detector style gameplay."

Once the player reaches the desired location, a prompt will appear which reads "Hold [button] to Hang a Cocoon." Interact with this prompt to place the Apothicon Servant at the location and end the proximity sensor process.

Morg City is comprised of three Districts - Canal, Footlight, and Waterfront - each of which contains five Cocoon locations.

Open the Cocoon

Once the Cocoon is hung, the player must first progress to the next round.

Then, return to the Cocoon, a new prompt will appear which reads "Hold [button] to Open the Cocoon." Interact with this prompt to reveal the upgraded Apothicon Servant!

Equip Upgraded Apothicon Servant

Finally, once the Cocoon has been opened, it will prompt the player to "Hold [button] to Take Upgraded Apothicon Servant."

Each player in the match must complete this quest for themself to obtain an upgraded Apothicon Servant, one player cannot repeat the quest four times. However, after the initial weapon is crafted, others must obtain it from the Mystery Box.

Each character in Shadows of Evil pertains to a uniquely-named upgraded Apothicon Servant:

  • Floyd Campbell (Boxer): Ullamargor-Zarozzor (Arbgwaoth)
  • Jack Vincent (Detective): Arkorgua-Astagua (Arbgwaoth)
  • Jessica Rose (Femme Fatale): Urgnar-Maroth (Arbgwaoth)
  • Nero Blackstone (Magician): Gortar-Ullaqua (Arbgwaoth)

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1 week ago

So you can't upgrade it like this in the most recent version of the game? I didn't even know you could upgrade it after the shadows ee.