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The day has finally come! PC/Battle.Net stats are now available on COD Tracker! If you've been following us since the release of Black Ops 4 then you know how much sheer patience was exercised to make it to this point. Usually, if it makes sense on our end, we strive to overcome whatever obstacles we're faced with. Unfortunately, in this case, it was an issue with the API and thus being outside the realm of our control.

So, we now have PC stats, what exactly does that mean?

It means that PC stats are (for the most part) integrated in the same way that Xbox and Playstation stats are. Try them out for yourself - on the COD Tracker home page click on the "Find Your Call Of Duty Stats" search bar. Next, click the little Windows/PC icon that's to the left of the Xbox and PlayStation icons. Once you've selected the PC option, click the white bar and type in your full Battle.Net ID. For example, Steve#1234

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